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Ridgewood's Blend: gone (yay!), but coming back (awww...)

The Star Ledger review: and the specter of Chef Needham


EDIT [20090415]: Silver Oak has closed.

The Newark Star Ledger gave Ridgewood's Silver Oak Bistro 2.5 stars today. The reviewer goes on and on about Chef Needham who, as far as I know, hasn't been working at the restaurant for almost a year. So what does this all mean? Either Chef Gary Needham is back, which would be nice, but I think unlikely, or the reviewer didn't do any sort of follow-up, which I find unlikely (or scary), or the reviewer was told something that's not true by someone at the restaurant, or Chef Gary put on a happy face and told the reviewer he was still there. Perhaps he's still acting as "executive chef", which can be next to meaningless. Any other explanations that I missed? The review can be read here.