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The Mason Jar: Mahwah, NJ

2004 Sogno Uno

Savannasamson3_2 Porn star turned soon-to-be-ex-porn star Savanna Samson is releasing her own italian wine.  it's called Songo Uno, meaning "Dream One".  the New York Times has an article on it in today's (2/26/2006) Sunday Styles section.  robert parker apparently gives it a 91.

409 cases were produced, which means it probably won't be easy to come by.  i'd like to get my hands a few though.

it's 70 percent cesanese, 20 percent sangiovese, and 10 percent montepulciano creating a "complex wine with hints of pepper, earth and cotton candy."  sounds like it will go down easy.

probably won't age well.

watch out for sediment.

bottoms up.

[insert play on words here]