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Ridge Thai: Ridgewood, NJ

"blizzard 06" white pizza


I'm always curious when people claim that news weather reporters don't know what they're talking about. It's one of those bitches that everyone jumps on because it's popular, and, as far as i can tell, it's not based on any analysis whatsoever. Then again, most bitches aren't.  People just like bitching.

In my experience, and I put perhaps too much thought into this type of thing, when the news says it's going to be warm over the weekend, it turns out warm.  When they say it's going to be cold and windy, it turns out cold and windy.  When they say it's going to piss down rain starting tomorrow afternoon, guess what?  It pisses down rain some time right around tomorrow afternoon.  So how often are they really wrong?  Probably not too much.  If you want one less person to be upset with, stop watching the weather news.  Go to .  I'm pretty sure all of the newcasters get their weather news from the same source anyhow.

But i've got other things to worry about, such as:  what should i have for lunch on a day when 15 inches of snow fell in NJ.

Since I had a bit of pizza dough left over from the other night, I figured i'd make a white pizza.  nice and easy.  Quick.  Tasty. And the color matches the outside.

I saute some sliced garlic in EVOO to get the raw out of it.  I spread the garlic and the oil on the dough, along with some pieces of low moisture mozzeralla (cappiello brand, of course), some sharp provolone, grey salt, black pepper, and red pepper flakes.  Onto a pizza stone that's been heating up for an hour, and in 6 minutes, lunch is ready.  Top with some freshly grated cheese, crack open that half bottle of cheap red that was left over from last night, spoon out some jarred anti pasto from Jerry's Gourmet (englewood), and you've got lunch.


Since the dough was cold, it barely rose it all.  Just perfect, as i was going for a flat-bread feel. A decent lunch with about 3 dollars worth of ingredients.