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taurino salento rosso notarpanaro 1999

Taurino_salento_1999_1 if you're like me you know that wine goes with everything.  while i can appreciate beer with some food, i'm not one of those people who will get on the soap box and tell you in the tone of an expert "oh no, you have to drink beer with asian food."  no, you don't.  you have to drink riesling, gewurtz, and other alsatian and germanic wines.  are we clear?  good.

pizza likes wine, too.  i haven't had much luck with whites, but fruity, simple reds do the trick for me.  a bit of acidity goes a long way too, what with the tomatoes and all.  a little tannic?  no worries, you've got cheese.  last night i picked up a Taurino Salento Rosso Notarpanaro for a pizza dinner.   this wine is primarily made from the Negroamaro grape, and comes from Apulia (Puglia as it is known it Italy), which contains the heel of the boot. 

not a great match to my mind.  i got some petroleum in the nose, and a bit too much berry fruit for my taste.  after a hour it became unpleasant altogether, and i had to fall back on a simple 8 dollar sangiovese called Tosca.  that did the trick.

it should be noted that The Wheel of Fortune was on the TV during dinner (as the photo above suggests).  it's just a fabulous and fast-moving show these days.  i remember thinking, about 20 years ago, that no one could replace chuck.  but Pat has really come into his own.