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China 46: Ridgefield, NJ (Closed)

Taste of Thai - Ridgewood, NJ [CLOSED]



UPDATE 3/2012:  Taste of Thai has closed.

Taste of Thai is one of the two thai restaurants to recently open in ridgewood.  in addition to Kailash and Malee, Ridge Thai has recently opened as well. 

After a few visits to each Ridge Thai and Taste of Thai, i'm convinced that neither is as good as Malee, even considering Malee's painfully limited menu.

The one thing that Taste of Thai has going for it is the salads. they have oustanding duck and beef salads, on par with Wondee's in hackesack, and Thai Chef in montclair.  wondee's and Thai Chef are the gold standards for duck salad as far as i'm concerned.

but once you start getting into the typical thai sauteed dishes (ginger, basil/chili, etc), Taste of Thai starts looking more like a chinese restaurant.  even the menu describes the dishes as "ginger sauce", "garlic sauce", instead of using thai names ("pad prik khing", "pad gra pow", etc).  in fact, the "ginger sauce" dish contains the typical waffle-cut carrots and random mushrooms (and other vegetables) that you'd find in a "chicken with vegetable" dish at a crappy chinese restaurant.  the flavor isn't so bad, but doesn't ring authentic to my mind.  and i can really do without those carrots.  when i think "thai", i think bright, herbal, powerful, zippy, zingy, wowie zowie flavors, with acidic and sweet notes and spicy notes.  the flavors here just kind of chug along, with seemingly no real destination in mind.  a pointless journey.

Taste of Thai will generally deliver to ridgewood and sometimes surrounding towns, depending on the size of the order.  i think 30 dollars is the magic number.  and with entrees coming in at about 13 bucks, it's easy to get up to 30 for a typical order.

while i was very excited to see two new thai restaurants open in ridgewood, i'd really like to see a single, really good thai restaurant open and replace all of 'em.  and if it happens to be called "wondee's", better freakin yet.

37 broad street - ridgewood - nj - 201.444.7475
the menu lists othe website as tt-restaurant.com.  According to some quick research, that domain is apparently registerd by the restaurant, but is unreachable at this point.