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Varka: Ramsey, NJ

Lidia loves tommy:eats!

In her cookbook, Lidia's Family Table, Lidia Bastianich waxes lovingly about tommy:eats.  Seriously:

Lidia1_1Finally, the respect and acknowledgement that I yearn for.  That I live for.  That I clearly so desperately need.

Lidia's Family Table focuses on technique and ingredients.  Helpful pictures are scattered throughout, and it's filled with very helpful asides like serving ideas, Lidia's approach to salting, butter vs. olive oil, and what type of canned tomatoes you should be buying.

There are a bunch of recipes for quick and easy sauces, as well as no less than three dishes involving shoulders of one sort or another.  My kinda book.  And yours, too.

Not a Sunday goes by where the missus and I don't watch Lidia several times a day on the TV.  And regardless of what we've got planned for dinner, regardless of how many hours I'd been smoking a pork butt, or simmering short ribs, we always start craving Italian food, Lidia-style.  Like some sort of mind control.  Creepy.

Lidia's Italy