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the best tuna sandwich: ever

Tuna_jar2_1I am telling you that I'm addicted to tuna sandwiches.  I don't know what it is about this stuff.  It doesn't fit my usual M.O.  It's canned, it's not sushi quality.  It's probably cooked to death.  But, practically every day for lunch I have a tuna sandwich from a nearby deli in NYC.  Other days, of course, I'm at Blue Smoke or Shake Shack or Wu Liang Le or Naples 45 or wherever my pangs take me.  But the tuna is what's really important right now.

There's no doubt that I have my share of run-of-the-mill Chicken of the Sea-type canned tuna, and that stuff certainly has its place.  But, when I want a really really great tuna sandwich, I reach for a jar of Italian tuna packed in oil.  Man, I'm telling you, there's nothing like it.

Unfortunately, supermarkets conspire against those of us who like good food and at the same time they cater to those who, quite frankly, don't like good food.  So you have to do a little leg work to get your jar of tuna.  You'll find me at Jerry's Gourmet (a most excellent Italian market with a great Italian wine selection and great food) in Englewood with about 10 jars of the stuff whenever I get the chance. Look for "solid tuna packed in olive oil" and you'll be in good shape. Also, look for the Flott brand with the silly fish on the label.  If you Google "flott tuna", you'll find a bunch of mail order resources.  Don't be afraid of mail order.  Mail order is  your friend.  Of this you are assured.  Unless, of course, you're blackeyedpig, ordering his fancy-pants tuna.

Tuna1_1I take a minimalistic approach with this stuff.  My goal is to add a bit of texture, a bit of salt, and a bit of binder:  Celery, red onion, salt, capers, and very little mayo.  And black pepper of course. That's about it.  This tuna needs nothing else, except for maybe (maybe) ciabatta.  Ciabatta, an italian word meaning literally:  "really fucking good bread".  I get ciabatte (fancy Italian for "ciabattas") from a very unlikely place, and that's Stop & Shop.  For a large grocery store catering to people who don't like good food while conspiring against those like me who do, they sure do turn out decent enough ciabatte, and they're available practically 24/7.

Tuna_sandwich2_1Ciabatta, some mild banana peppers, a piece of sturdy lettuce. I'll say no more, other than this is the best tuna sandwich, ever.

Jerry's Gourmet : 410 S. Dean St. (right off of Rt. 4) : Englewood, NJ : 07631 : 201.871.7108