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Aitor Ider Balbo Vinas de Balbo 2004


70% bonarda
30% malbec
100% cheap

Cherry red.  Hot on the nose, not too much on the palate.  Bone dry and some red berries.  Mellow tannins. 

As with so many wines, a hunk of pecorino romano was a wonderful friend to this wine, helping greatly, with the salt and fat bringing out a bit of flavor and mellowing the already mellow tannins. 

A totally inoffensive table wine, and at $2.96 (at Jerry's Gourmet in Englewood, NJ) I'd say it's worth a shot.  It beats the pants off of that Yellowtail crappola, and it's half the price.

In summary:  if you served this to me at your house for a casual afternoon lunch or a burger, I wouldn't make fun of you.

as far as you would know.