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It's muh birf-day! Where we goin!?!?!?!

For our birthdays, the missus and I generally ask each other the question:  what restaurant would you like to go to that we normally wouldn't go to 'cause it's too far, or too 'spensive, or too whatever.  Today was my birfday, and the question was no different.  The answer, however, sounded a lot like this:  "Ruby effing Tuesday's." 


That's right:  "Ruby effing Tuesday's" (The only place that I put an inappropriate and silly-sounding possessive "s" at the end of...he said, ending a sentence in a preposition.  Not sure why I do that.  Either of those.).  What can I say: that commercial that I saw on Saturday afternoon, all talkin' about that "Triple Prime Burger" (scroll down...atta boy), really got me going.  I realized that I needed to try it.  It was really that simple.  And why not waste a Monday night meal on it, especially since I had a great lunch at Otto with Dbroc from blackeyedpig, and, given that fact, could have basically had my own ear wax and a diet Pepsi for dinner and still gone to bed pretty satisfied.

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Copeland in Morristown, NJ: the burger


Looking at my blog here, it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that all I do is think about hamburgers and, on top of that, eat a whole lot of them.  The truth is, I don't eat all that many hamburgers, but I do try to eat a lot of good hamburgers.  Point being, I don't like wasting a burger meal on a crappy hamburger.  Rest assured there are more crappy burgers than good burgers, so this isn't a very simple task.  It's a challenge.  A pursuit.  So yeah, I spend a lot of time thinking about hamburgers.  But not as much time eating burgers as you might think.

Which brings me to the burger at Copeland in Mo-town (which I've had 3 times in the last 2 months). 

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Sabor in Hawthorne, NJ: initial thoughts [CLOSED]


Pork, corn, mojitos, martinis?  Sign me up.

We were very excited to see that Edgewater's Sabor Latin Bistro was opening another restaurant in Hawthorne, an area in desperate need of some new and interesting options.  And we weren't the only ones:  the place was doing quite a bar business on our first visit opening week, and the crowd at an early week follow-up trip suggested that the place is going to do well right out of the gate.  Apparently people like mojitos.

They did a fair amount of renovations to transform the old Oakville into the new Sabor.  Lots of bright colors and a vibe reminiscent of their Edgewater restaurant.  There's wide-open space and sunlight floods the room through the large window.

Sabor bills itself as a Latino restaurant, drawing on many cultures.  The food, while not strictly authentic or true to any one cuisine, is vibrant, flavorful, and down right fun.  A few recent nibbles included the following:

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'tis a silly burger


Generally speaking, I prefer a grilled burger, about 6 ounces, over any other kind.  When done correctly, you'll get some wonderful char and end up with a nice, juicy beast of a burger.  So that's what I focus on.

But after seeing Hamburger America, a very tasty documentary by George Motz, it occurred to me that burgers can be good no matter how you cook them.  Specifically, griddle-cooked burgers can be wonderful. 

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