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The strangest thing I ate this week: Reeses Cup thing

Villa Maria does its part to explain screwcaps: right on its bottles


Thank you, Villa Maria, for coming up with one of the best explanations of the use of screwcaps, and for making it so clear and obvious to the casual wine drinker.  Thank you a million times.

If more people embraced screwcaps, more wine makers would use them, and I'd have to dump less corked wine down the drain.

I also wish that people would learn to recognize cork taint.  It's pretty easy:  the wine will smell musty, mildewy, and like a wet basement.  If you try a wine (and this is the primary reason why a server will serve you a "taste" of the bottle - although most servers have no idea why they're doing it and what you're looking for in that taste) and you have any doubt, it's probably corked.  Send it back explaining that it's "corked."  I can only imagine how many corked bottles get drunk every day, and that's no way to enjoy wine.

Buy Villa Maria wines.  And buy wine from other producers who embrace alternate closures.

Stepping off soapbox...