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Roots Steakhouse: Summit, NJ

Dim Sum Dynasty: Ridgewood, NJ


I'll be the first to admit that it took me a while to jump on the Dim Sum Dynasty bandwagon.  Our early experiences there were limited to delivery, and were mediocre. At that point the dim sum menu may not have been well established, or at the very least it wasn't clear to us that dim sum is what you should order at a restaurant called "Dim Sum Dynasty." 

The menu at that time, and even now to some extent, has some excellent gems interspersed with what I would consider standard Americanized Chinese dishes, albeit Americanized dishes done decently enough.  I don't care about those dishes, so it did take a while to fish out the good stuff.  And the bulk of the good stuff is most definitely the dim sum.  Dim Sum Dynasty has some of the best dim sum that I've ever had, though I haven't had much (shhhhh...), aside from a few outstanding experiences at  Chinatown Brasserie in NYC.

Some recent dishes included:

Ha Gao (steamed shrimp dumplings) (pictured above)

I'm not sure how they get so much shrimp inside of these delicate wrappers.  But they do, and you should thank them.

Snow pea shoot dumplings.   Most excellent.


Duck crepes.  Rich and delicious, with the familiar taste of:  chicken chow mein.  What can I tell ya.  Outstanding.


Spring Rolls with pork and veggies.  Just OK, as expected.


Shrimp wrapped in bacon.  Pretty good. 


Beef balls.  Very good meatballs, for lack of a better description.  Probably wouldn't get them again.

Also highly recommended are any of the chinese greens (ask what they have special or fresh that day, as some are seasonal), and any lobster special "Hong Kong style."

Dim Sum Dynasty, like our friends at Hunan Villa in Ridgewood, specializes in Hong Kong style cuisine, setting it apart from the incredible and awesome China 46 in Ridgefield, whose forte is Shanghai.   Your choices should be sympathetic to that fact.

Prices of seafood can run pretty high here.  But, I think, you're getting a quality product.  Whole fish are probably upwards of 30 bucks.  Some vegetable dishes (like snow pea pods) are about 13 bucks.  If you're on a budget, you can get away with ordering a bunch of dim sum (available all day every day).  Six orders will sate 2 normal-sized appetites, at about 35 bucks.  For the quality, that's quite a deal.

Dim Sum Dynasty : 75 Franklin Ave : Ridgewood, NJ : 201.652.0615