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2005 Blue Fish Riesling


My friends J and C brought a bottle of Blue Fish Riesling over for a party and didn't open it and left it.  And then I drank it.  Woo-hoo!!

An easy-drinking Riesling from Pfalz in a cool bottle  (Yeah, I appreciate packaging, especially when it's around a German wine that actually has easy-to-read lettering).

Not overly sweet.  Not overly acidic.  A whopping 12.5% ABV, so it's definitely not a breakfast wine.  And at only about 9 bucks, a good value to my mind, and pleasurable and fun.  The screw-top is a bonus.  Don't drink this one too cold or you won't taste much at all.

I have to compare it to my favorite:  at this price point and given the choice, I'd stick with Dr. L Riesling for a dollar less.  It's got more zippidy and doodah if you ask me.  And you won't get as drunk drinking it.