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Red's Lobster Pot: Point Pleasant Beach, NJ


If you're visiting Point Pleasant, many people will tell you to go to Spike's for seafood.  Those people must like to wait in lines.  Or at the very least they must like you to wait in lines.

When I'm in Point, I go directly to Red's Lobster Pot, to sit on the dock in their outdoor seating area, watch the fishing boats go by, have a lobster roll and some clams, and wonder how hungry all of those people standing on the sidewalk on Broadway outside of Spike's must be.


Granted, Red's and Spike's are two different types of places.  Spike's is a fish market-cum-smallish fish restaurant.  Red's is a tiny fish restaurant that has a bunch of outdoor seating on the dock.  Two approaches, and both worthy of a visit.  I'd just recommend that you do what the locals do, which is to stay away from Spike's during the crazy summer months, and go to neither when they're really crowded, because you'll wait.


Red's is essentially two restaurants in one:  the inside restaurant has about 12 tables serves fish (obviously), pastas, lobster, chowders, etc, and daily specials that are a bit more ambitious.  The dockside menu consists of more casual fare, like peel-and-each shrimp, clams (roasted or half shell), oysters, steamers, mussels, lobster, and that delicious lobster roll.  It's counter service, so you order, grab seat at one of the many picnic tables, and wait for your name to be called.  You can even roll up a cooler full of beer and wine if you want, as it's BYOB.


We weren't sure if they buttered the roll for the lobster roll, but it's delicious.  Very lightly dressed.  Not a lot of extra junk on it.  Just lobster and a bit of mayo and some seasoning (although it could have used a bit more salt on our last visit).

I can't think of a better way to spend an hour on a sunny afternoon in Point Pleasant.  And neither can you.



Red's Lobster Pot : 57 Inlet Drive : Point Pleasant Beach, NJ : 732.295.6622