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Hiccups: the cure

You know you get them, and you know you want them to go away.  You also know that you've tried some of the wacky cures out there, and they probably didn't work.  You've probably even googled "hiccup cure" in the past. 

Here's one cure for the hiccups that has worked on every single person I've introduced it to, and every time on me.  I don't question it.  I don't analyze it.  I just do it. 

Courtesy of the missus:    

  • A tablespoon (or two packs) of sugar.
  • Put the sugar in your mouth and try to swallow briefly (usually involves some chewing and whatnot.  Give it the ol' college try, will ya?)
  • Wash it down with a good-sized glass of water.  Tasty beautiful water.


You're welcome.