Houston's has a burger: that doesn't suck
Switch the dining room and living room: whats ya waitin for?

Big doins in Ridgewood, NJ

I noticed a few changes around Ridgewood recently, and I bet you're on the edge of your seat...   

First off, Broad Street Smokehouse & Grill finally opened.  I got that news from a reader who stopped in for lunch.  I spoke briefly with the owner, Michael, who told me that they had just opened yesterday (11/13/2006).  The place is cozy, attractive, smells tasty, and I'm looking forward to trying the 'cue.

Ivangie Teahouse is no more.  A sign across the front says something like "Turkish Kitchen coming soon."  (First impression on Lisa's Turkish kitchen are here.)  That's pretty much the extent of my insight on that particular transaction.

Construction continues on Jerry's Gourmet.  Yippie! (edit:  now open!)

Additional updates here.