The strangest thing I ate this week: golden garlic

Dos Caminos: pretty colors, lots of tequila


Dos Caminos recently opened their third New York branch.  On 3rd Ave this time, where La Maganette used to live (I'd guess at 50th or so).

I figured it would be another colorful meat market, like the one on Park must be (I've never been).  And I might be right. What I know for sure is that they've got a bunch of nice tequila and some decent pork tacos.  And pretty colors, as the super-megapixel image above so clearly illustrates.

The carnitas tacos were quite good.  Three little tacos served in homemade corn tortillas and with 3 different salsas.  The salsas (green, red, and spicy red) were all flavorful, especially the spicy chipotle.  It packs a punch.  The rice and beans were well beyond serviceable, and I lapped every bit up.

Dos Caminos prides itself on their tequila selection and the use of fresh fruit juices.  However, the fresh lime juice is mixed with what seemed to be a standard Triple Sec-type product.  I'm not sure that's my preference.  Regardless, you can get yourself a mighty fine margarita given the tequila options.

I jotted a few things down during my one visit, and since I can't be bothered actually putting together semi-interesting thoughts, or even full sentences for that matter, I'll just go ahead and list them:

  • There's a guy who stands beneath the stairs and makes guacamole to order.  He's the "guac guy" I'm told.  I didn't try any, but I will.
  • The white brick and stone interior remains from the old La Maganette.  Not very colorful.
  • The white piano is gone.
  • They still have enough patio seating to fit the whole of Pampano, which is right around the corner.  It will be packed during nice weather.  Of this you are assured.
  • The bar could be a bit deeper for more comfortable bar dining, which is almost always preferable.
  • The staff uses walkie-talkies and some have headsets.
  • The staff was really nice.
  • The stairs leading downstairs used to go down East to West.  Now they go down West to East.  Conversely, they go up East to West, which you might have correctly assumed.
  • Thursday nights:  I'm guessing "Meat Market night".
  • Some guys walked in, and I swear I remember one as the owner or the manager of La Maganette. Three guys, in black leather jackets and some gold chains.  Like my uncles look.
  • You could do a lot worse.

Dos Caminos : 825 3rd Ave : New York, NY : 212.336.5400