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The strangest thing I ate this week: golden garlic

I've cut open a lot of heads of garlic over the years.  Of this you are assured.  Just about everything that I cook has garlic in it.  Right or wrong.  Hell I even steep it in hot water, making "garlic tea," when I have a sore throat.  I'm not sure if it helps, but it sure is fun.

But I've never come across this:



As with most things that intrigue me, I gave it a whiff and then popped it in the ol' hopper (some sort of unhealthy oral fixation issue stemming from a long-repressed childhood trauma I'd think).

It sure did taste like garlic.  The texture was a bit softer, but no doubt this was garlic. 

But no, I didn't use it in the short ribs that I was preparing.  Although, perhaps I'll spread it on bread and topped with some fleur de sel later.