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The Lazy Spoon: quite a spoon


I found myself in Paramus, NJ's, Chef Central the other day.  Chef Central is a local, pricy store, but it's convenient, and they have some nice stuff.  ANYway I noticed Rachel Ray's line of pumpkin-colored cookware.  It catches the eye so I took a look.  Immediately I noticed that wooden spoon that she pimps on her show (which show, I don't know...I do watch all of them).  It's the spoon with the little notch in it that keeps it attached to your pot, as seen in the picture above.  I thought it was a nifty idea I guess.  And then I turned it over to look at the price.


I checked all of the spoons:  that's not a typo.  I'll type the price here again for those who don't believe pictures:  $24.99.

The kicker is that it doesn't even say "Rachel Ray" on it.  I mean, I can understand how they could charge a premium for a spoon if a food celebrity's name is on it, or, if it was filled with heroin.   But that's not the case here.

I picked it up to see if I could lay it across the pot, as I do with my 99 cent wooden spoons.  It works that way too!!  No surprise there I suppose.


You can get your own "Lazy Spoon" at a variety of online stores, or from the manufacturer itself (for only 24 dollars).  They also have the incredible "Lazy Ladle" for 40 bucks.

It is quite an attractive spoon.  But, I think I'll stick to my 99 cent wood spoons.