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Lisa's Turkish Kitchen: Ridgewood, NJ: first impressions

Ridgewood, NJ: more doins, January 2007

Lots of activity in Ridgewood these days.  Ridgewood, in case you don't know, is home of about 64 restaurants, with only a handful worth the parking hassle.  Some casual drive-bys reveal the following:   

Wild Noodles closed, not surprisingly.  There is currently some activity in the space, but not much taking shape.  There're rumors of an Italian place opening up there.  Let's hope it's a bit less red-sauce and a little more lardo.

Lisa's Turkish Kitchen

(First impressions here)

As reported a little while back, a turkish restaurant opened on Chestnut where Ivangie Teahouse used to live.  It's called Lisa's Turkish Kitchen. 

It's an attractive place, and has lots of lamby dishes.  Some whole fish as well.  Entrees are priced mostly in the mid teens, with some seafood reaching into the 20's, as it should.  The menu also claims "Every Friday Belly Dancer Night."  Hehe.

The menu lists a website as, but no one has even registered that domain name yet.  They should probably do that.  It's pennies a day.  UPDATE:  the website is  Apparently someone took the .com domain out from under them.

Lisa's Turkish Kitchen : 54 Chestnut Street : Ridgewood, NJ :  201.251.8686 : BYOB

Jerry's Gourmet (now open)

Jerry's Gourmet, straight outta Englewood, is abuzz with workers, and it's taking shape.  And did I spy 2 wood-burning pizza ovens in there?  Oh yes I think I did (though they might not be wood-burning).  I'm going out on a limb here, but, I'm betting that Jerry's pizza will soon be known as some of the best pizza in northen Jersey.  Maybe even the best pizza you've ever had.  I hope I'm right.  Edit:  Update found here.