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The 101 Pub: Bogota, NJ


This year's Easter dinner brought about the revelation that my oftentimes-ball-busting sister-in-law reads this blog, and didn't know it was me behind the magic.  When I asked what she thought about it, she said "Well, there are too many posts on burgers."

So how 'bouts another post on burgers.  Whaddaya say, hmmm?

We had a pretty good meal at Esty Street in Park Ridge recently.  We got to talking to the bartender about food and restaurants, as you might at a place with a good bartender, and he told us about the burger at The 101 Pub in Bogota.  I was obviously skeptical, but put it on my list anyway. 

The 101 Pub is a locals kind of place, with a long bar and a few hi-def widescreen TV's.  They were actually piping a hi-def non-stretched signal through them, rather than the stretched standard-def that most bars (and homes) do.  Little things like that get my attention.

The menu is pretty much standard pub fare, but I really didn't pay much attention as I knew what I was here for.

The burger, which falls squarely into the "pub burger" style of burger, came out overcooked from the m/r that I ordered.  However, it was still juicy.  I'm thinking they're using at the very least 80/20, and maybe even 75/25.  The char was excellent.   I'm looking forward to a m/r burger at 101 Pub some day. 

It came with a pickle and fries.  That's it.  No nasty unripe tomato.  No limp piece of lettuce.  Just a pickle and fries, just how I like it.  Actually I like raw onion, but forgot to ask.  Fries were good pub fries.  Pickle was fine, but small.  Ask for two.

The bun is a standard Kaiser roll, but it wasn't so big that it overwhelmed the burger.  In fact, the burger-to-bun ratio was pretty good for a Kaiser rolled burger.

I think it's probably one of the better pub burgers that I've had in recent memory.  Much better than some other recent pub burgers (Antone's in Cranford and the Linwood Inn in Linden come to mind).

Not much else to say about my visit other than that.  Truth be told I just wanted an excuse to post about another burger.  As if I need an excuse.

The 101 Pub : 101 Queen Anne Rd : Bogota, NJ : 201.343.9802