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Earth in Totowa closes suddenly

Totowa's greatest-ever restaurant, Restaurant Earth, has closed after only three exciting months.

The issue as I understand it from a conversation with Spiro Hadjiyerou, Chef Lo Pinto's partner, stems from complications with the terms of the liquor license sale and the landlord of the building.  Suffice it to say, a mutually equitable agreement between Spiro/Lo Pinto and the landlord could not be reached.  

Chef Lo Pinto is crushed, and so are the loyal fans of Restaurant Earth, which was poised to become one of the most exciting restaurants in north Jersey.  We'll no doubt see Chef Lo Pinto again, but we're just going to have to wait.  Any kitchen that gets him should consider itself lucky.

UPDATE:  Chef LoPinto can be found at CRAVE in Fairfield.  Some additional info here (click).