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Shipwreck Grill: Brielle, NJ


Every year we hop on the Parkway and get ourselves to Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, the place from which I was spawned.  It's a weekend trip that we really look forward to, primarily because it gives us a chance to eat at places we normally wouldn't, even more primarily because our friends have a nice boat (everyone needs a friend with a boat...and those with pools come in handy as well...having either is expensive and a hassle).  And those frozen drinks midday at the Tiki Bar aren't too bad, either.

A year or two ago on one of those boat/frozen drink trips, we found ourselves at the Shipwreck Grill in Brielle (just over the bridge from PPB).  Twice in that weekend in fact.  The first meal was so good that we immediately booked the next night.  And just as these things normally go, the second night didn't live up to the first.  But given our mostly good experiences there, we thought we'd give it another shot a few weeks ago, and boy oh boy was it good.

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Smith Brothers in Ridgewood, NJ: Fire

UPDATE (Summer of 2008):  Smith Brothers is reborn as Smith Brothers Chophouse, or something like that.  I visited for a quick burger and mention it here (click).



Smith Brothers in Ridgewood, NJ, burned this morning, June 18.  I'm not sure of the extent of the damage or if anyone was hurt, but I'd imagine an actual news organization will report on that.

Suffice it to say it will be closed for some time.  It looked gutted. 

Smith Brothers is definitely not a place I go to eat, but I do enjoy a beer there every now and again.  It's a real Ridgewood classic, and the spot of many a post-funeral drink-up.  I hope to see it back in operation real soon.


First soft shell crabs of the 07 season: Oceanos in Fairlawn, NJ

Actually, the first for me this season were at Nellie's in Waldwick, but they weren't all that.  Their fried chicken, however, is as good as their pizza, which is pretty damned good.

ANYway, we called Oceanos a few nights ago to see if they had Copper River Salmon or soft shells in.  <aside>Always call ahead for this type of thing.  The availability of fresh, quality seafood is dependent upon a variety of factors, and some days there might not be one thing or another.  The last thing I need is someone posting a sniveling comment chastising a restaurant for not having what I said they have.  Jeesh people, come on.  M'kay?</aside>  The Copper River Salmon didn't come in on this day, but they did have soft shells, and that was enough for us.

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