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Chengdu 1: Cedar Grove, NJ

Chengdu_1_shrimp_ballsUpdate (2015/07): Chengdu 1 in Cedar Grove has closed. They have another restaurant at 10 Rt 22 West, Green Brook, NJ.

Northern Jersey is lucky enough to have several Chinese restaurants specializing in Shanghainese cooking.  Most notably for me are China 46 in Ridgefield, and Petite Soo Chow in Cliffside ParkHunan Cottage, in Fairfield, does a good job as well.  That's all fine and dandy, but when you want the spicy kick of authentic Sichuan cooking, where do you go?  Until recently, you went to Wu Liang Ye, in New York City, and you were treated to world-class Sichuan cooking.  But these days, with the recent arrival of Chengdu 1 in Cedar Grove, you've got a fantastic option on this side of the river. 

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Chef Anthony LoPinto lands again! CRAVE: Fairfield, NJ

Edit (02/12/2008):  Update here (click)

We all cheered when Chef LoPinto landed at Earth in Totowa.  And then we cried when the whole thing fell through.

The good news is that we Chef LoPinto has found a new home, this time at a brand new place called CRAVE in Fairfield.

CRAVE will exist where the old Tuscany Grill used to live, across from the airport over dere on Passaic Ave.  Chef tells me they'll have a liquor license, a lounge, plenty of parking, and outdoor dining.  I'm hoping to see Chef LoPinto's fingerprints all over this place.

They're not open as of this post (7/27/07), but are shooting for September.

He's back!

Getting googled

Every so often I'll look at the ol' blog stats here to see how people are "finding" the site.  As you might imagine, most come through google searches. 

I've been meaning to post a bunch of the more interesting searches that have led people to this site over the past year.  What strikes me as the most interesting about this stuff is how people use search engines:  they seem to want to ask questions, rather than typing in keywords.  I'm more a fan of keywords, but some people just let those questions fly.  And believe me, this blog has very few answers.

I've been saving those searches up for months now, so pay attention.  It might even be entertaining.  At the very least it's filler and will increase my hit count...which doesn't matter because I'm not selling anything anyway.

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Ridgewood, NJ: more rain in '07

I was quite bummed to come home today (7/11/2007) to find water on my basement floor after the monsoon this afternoon.  But when I drove past Ridgewood's Village Green and Asian Grill and saw the Fire Department pumping gallons and gallons and gallons of water from their basements, I realized that I got off pretty easy.

If you're planning on visiting Village Green or Asian Grill any time soon, I'd certainly call ahead.

Here's hoping their business aren't impacted much by this mess.

Is it me or does it rain really hard quite often these days.

Bourbon BBQ: Wyckoff, NJ


This sign might as well say:  "BBQ.  No nonsense, no B.S.  Come eat".   When you see a sign like this pop up in your area, you've gotta be happy.

Happy is what I've been for about 6 months waiting for Bourbon BBQ to open in the old Clixes (RIP) space on Goffle Road in Wyckoff.  The addition of a BBQ restaurant to the area is good news enough, but when you know it's Chef Gary Needham manning the smoker, well, people, it's your lucky day. 

I've been touting Chef Gary's BBQ since my first bite at his other restaurant, Ridgewood's Silver Oak Bistro.  I'm relatively confident that Chef Gary knew he made great BBQ well before I came along and announced it, but I can't help but think that I had at least just a little to do with the emergence of this latest venture.  If you'll allow me to indulge:  toot, toot.  You're welcome.

Bourbon BBQ had a grand opening party on Saturday June 30th (2007, for the benefit of those of you from the future), which I didn't make.  However, me and about 400 other people made their way over on its first official day of operation.

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