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Chengdu 1: Cedar Grove, NJ

Chef Anthony LoPinto lands again! CRAVE: Fairfield, NJ

Edit (02/12/2008):  Update here (click)

We all cheered when Chef LoPinto landed at Earth in Totowa.  And then we cried when the whole thing fell through.

The good news is that we Chef LoPinto has found a new home, this time at a brand new place called CRAVE in Fairfield.

CRAVE will exist where the old Tuscany Grill used to live, across from the airport over dere on Passaic Ave.  Chef tells me they'll have a liquor license, a lounge, plenty of parking, and outdoor dining.  I'm hoping to see Chef LoPinto's fingerprints all over this place.

They're not open as of this post (7/27/07), but are shooting for September.

He's back!