Some more doins: Ridgewood, NJ: Septemberish, 2007
t:e pulls out the yellow sign with the guy shoveling a pile of, um, stuff?

Overlooked doin: Ridgewood, NJ: Septemberish, 2007

A day or two after cherished t:e reader menton1 lamented that Alan Lee, famous in Westchester, needs to open one of his pan Asian places in NJ, lo and behold, Wild Ginger, opening in Ridgewood where nothing notable (Wild Noodles?) used to live on Chestnut, is, actually, in fact, an Alan Lee restaurant, complete, no doubt, with a "pan Asian" menu...and did I spy a communal table in there?  Oh dear, no, not a communal table.  (EDIT:  some thoughts on Wild Ginger here (clicky).

Well, I guess there's only one thing to do:  try it, with sticky sweet fried sea bass pan-Asian expectations that I might have had in the early 90's.  EDIT:  and try it I did.  Expectations:  met.

Seriously though, it has to be better than Wild Noodles.

(And no, it's not related to Englewood's Wild Ginger.)