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Updated: Troubling news from the field on China 46

Update:  Bill Pitcher, who, unlike me, actually reports and fact checks and stuff, apparently spoke with the owner of China 46, Cecil, as I suspected he might.  The restaurant has indeed closed for good.  Info here (click me, silly).  The good news is that everyone is apparently OK.  The bad news is that there's no more China 46.  I speak for plenty when I say I'm looking forward to Cecil's next venture, and I sure hope it's in NJ.

Original post, now, of course, out of date:

t:e correspondent and field reporter Jimmy:rocks went to China 46 last night (9/6/07) only to find the place closed, with no sign of a sign.  China 46, mind you, is generally open 365 days a year.  A few calls to the restaurant this morning went unanswered.

Let's selfishly hope for the best.