Overlooked doin: Ridgewood, NJ: Septemberish, 2007
Back in the kitchen: quite a decent burger

t:e pulls out the yellow sign with the guy shoveling a pile of, um, stuff?

ConstructionSo I'm sitting there at Esty Street (in  Park Ridge, not on Esty Street) tonight with the missus, enjoying a nice meal, and I pull t:e up on the ol' iPhone, just for your basic shits and giggles, and to get into myself a bit more than I already am, when suddenly what I had already realized became very very clear:  I haven't posted about anything very much recently.  At all.

So in her own, special, ball-busting way, the missus suggested that I put up one of those "under construction" signs.  And here it is.

But, in the way of explanation, which I was going to do eventually anyway, in some clever way of course, I'll just say that we have been displaced from our home for several months due to an actual construction project, and schedules have been all skwewy, up is down, left is right, black is white, pork is beef, and where the hell are my pants anyway.

That said, we've done nothing but eat out, and I've done nothing but not share those experiences.   There were, in fact, some gems.   Stay tuned.  But don't expect details: it's been a long 5 months, and I don't even remember where I had dinner tonight, much less back in August. (That's a lie, I had dinner at Esty Street tonight, not on Esty Street, BTW)