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Oh for eff's sake, another burger: sure, why not


We're perdy.

Yer perrrrrrr-dy. 

I could lie and say that this was beef ground freshly in my kitchen, but there's no glory in that.   I bought it from Stop & Shop.  It was in their "upscale" case, though, where you'll find CAB (Certified Angus Beef) and other goodies.  Have a look-see.  And while you're at it, have a look in their "Natural" dairy section for some pretty darned good Greek yogurt.

I wanted to duplicate the burger that I've had at Morristown's Copeland, cuz that's a mighty good burger.   All I really had to go on was beef, cheese, and bacon, so I ran with it. 

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Two chinese joints and a "pan-Asian" place: Shanghai Cafe, Chengdu 1, Wild Ginger

A reader here at t:e a reader has been talking up Alen Lee's  Westchester restaurants (Westcheraunts, if I may).   When the news that Mr. Lee was opening a place in Ridgewood, NJ, the reader was very pleased indeed.

For my part, I was skeptical right out of the gate.  Mr. Lee's restaurant are best described (and self-described) as "pan-Asian."  To the best of my knowledge, that means various Asian cuisines on a single menu, tamed, with a some sugar added for American palates.  I used to get a bit excited for this back in the 90's, when it all seemed new.  Not so much anymore.  I find the food too safe (chicken breast?), too sweet ("glazes" and whatnot), and just not terribly exciting (no tripe on these menus, that's for sure).

Well I finally got around to sampling some of the food at Wild Ginger (not related to Englewood's Japanese restaurant of the same name, but sister restaurant of Hoboken's), and boy oh boy, I'm big enough a man to admit when I'm right, and was I.  It was the first day of what turned out to be a three day Asian craving.  Suffice it to say the craving would have not lasted so long if I didn't dick around on the first two days.

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The strangest thing I ate this week: my skin and blister juice


Why are we compelled to bite a blister, giving it just a little pinch with our canines, even though everything in our wiring tells us that it will hurt.  Why expose that delicate pink flesh, hidden underneath and not-quite-ready-for-prime-time, to the air and elements?  It should be kept under the tough, bubbled, blister skin, until it's ready to take over for the soon to dry-up-and-fall-off stuff.  But no, we poke a hole in the protective blister skin as soon as we get the chance.  Why? To relieve pressure?  Nah.  Doctor's orders?  Nah.  No, we chow down on the blister bubble because God put that really tasty juice under there, that's why.

Thank you, God, for making blister juice so darned salty delicious and irresistible.