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Ben and Jack's Steakhouse spotted on "30 Rock"

Since no one else on the internet has mentioned it, I figure I'll take it...

The "Jack Gets in the Game" episode of "30 Rock" has some shots of Ben and Jack's Steakhouse.  Rip Torn, Alec Baldwin, Will Arnett, all in one scene?   That's good stuff.

The first tip off was the obviously wonderful raw steaks in the opening shot on the scene.   There's no way steak that good looking would show up on a set.   

There was no second tip off. 

Ben and Jack's is my favorite Luger's clone.  It's a less frenetic atmosphere than Wolfgang's, the hosts are always nicer than those at Wolfgang's, and I've found the steak to be very consistent, and delicious.  Try their burger at lunch.  It's got scraps of dry-aged beef thrown in, just as they do at Luger's and Wolfgang's.  It's really tops, though is sometimes overcooked, so order it one temp less than you want.

That is all.