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New Year's Eve: food

"What did we eat for dinner last NYE?"

This question was posed to me by the missus moments ago.   I remember ending up at the neighbors' house up the street, eating tons of wonderful Cuban and Latino food (including, IIRC, fried pork belly), dancing (not me, necessarily), hanging out in the backyard in what I recall as 70 degree temperatures.  But what on earth did we eat before we headed down to the Cuban bash?

It took about 2 seconds before I realized that whatever it was, I most likely took a picture of it.  I don't know why I do what I do, but I do it.  Hell I've been taking crappy pictures of crappy food since 1998 or so.

A quick look at the 20061231 folder brings us to the answer...

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Rib: roast


Ask 10 people what the "best" way to cook a rib roast is and 10 different answers you'll get. 

"Sear first"
"Don't sear"
"Blast it on high heat to form a crust and then lower the oven"
"Slow and low"
"Season first"
"Salt only after cooking"

You get the idea. 

My thoughts on this?  It probably doesn't matter.  Well, not my thoughts, they matter a lot  --  I mean I have a blog for cryin' out loud, so I must have something important to say.  But rather, the method of cooking probably doesn't matter all that much (unless you do something totally silly).  What matters is the piece of meat that you're starting with.  After that, you're just heating the thing up.

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Googled: again

They best part about looking through the site stats is seeing how people stumbled upon it.  Obviously there are 3 people who come by regularly for my bi-monthly updates, but others come via search engines (usually google, sorry Yahoo).  The search terms that they type into those engines sometimes strike me as funny. 

Six months ago I offered up this batch.   And I've collected a few more gems...

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Potato: skins


The food stuff we throw out is oftentimes the best stuff.  Bones, chicken skin, fronds, leaves, stalks, tails and snouts, innards:  all good stuff.

I was making mashed potatoes the other day and peeled the potato skins into the sink, figuring they'd go down the disposal.  And then it occurred to me:  why?


I took them out of the sink, rinsed them off as far as you know, dried them, tossed them with EVOO, s/p, and baked them at 425 until they got crispy.

A better pre-dinner snack you will not find in your sink.

Next time, maybe some herbs?  Spices?

The Fine Grind: Little Falls, NJ


There was an article in the NY Times a while back about a local coffee shop in Little Falls, NJ, that took out a big billboard ad right across from a Starbucks. “We may not be BIG…but we’re not BITTER,” the billboard proclaims. It goes on in a separate font, "We ARE your neighborhood coffee spot!". I dunno, I guess Starbucks serves bitter coffee? Isn’t coffee generally a bitter drink by nature?  Maybe that's why people put sugar and flavored syrups and "mocha" in it?

A bunch of blogs and other publications picked up on the David and Goliath angle (is that the right usage?), and ran with it. I'm a bit late to the party.

The place is called The Fine Grind.

A couple of points, a bullet pointed rant, if you will, not about The Fine Grind:

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