Tomo: Ramsey, NJ (Closed)
South City Prime: Little Falls, NJ and South City Grill: Rochelle Park, NJ [CLOSED]

Best dish of the week: Preserved pork: Chengdu 1: Cedar Grove, NJ

You don't eat enough leeks.  I know that about you.  You know what else I know about you?


You don't eat enough pork belly.

So get down to Chengdu 1 in Cedar Grove for their preserved pork belly dish.  House-smoked pork belly, hot peppers, and leeks.  It's not on the menu, but rather, it's on the wall, along with a lot of other new dishes.

For more on my experiences at Chengdu 1, go here.

Chengdu 1 : 89 Pompton Ave (behind the old theater) : Cedar Grove, NJ : 973.239.7726 : BYO