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Washing pre-washed greens: Why?

Are you of the opinion that if your vegetable is "pre-washed", you don't have to wash it?  I'm not, for the following reasons:

1)  If your spinach is coming from a bag, it's going to smell a little funky.  It's not going to smell like a spinach patch, that's for sure.
2)  I can't imagine the factories are using just plain ol' water to wash your stuff.  There has to be something else in that water.  Chlorine, or something.  I'd google and confirm, but don't care enough about it because I know I'm right.

And the biggest reason I always wash my pre-washed stuff (no, not doodie):

Img_56213)  Little fellas like this.  Not that eating bugs is a bad thing.  Why I had some of the best crickets and ants ever at Typhoon at the Santa Monica Airport. 

But for creamed spinach, I like to go bug-less.  Call me a traditionalist.