South City Prime: Little Falls, NJ and South City Grill: Rochelle Park, NJ [CLOSED]
Red Robin: Why?

Grand Sichuan in Jersey City? Can it be?

EDIT:  It's true alright.  Grand Sichuan is open at 342 Grove street in Jersey City.

I just read on chowhound that NYC's Grand Sichuan has opened a branch in Jersey City.   The post comes from a first-time poster, it references their website (which expired the other day), and sounds suspicious to me.  But hey, who cares!

Grand Sichuan is one of the premier Sichuan restaurants in NYC.  There are several of them, most of them loosely related somehow (although exactly how has always been a source of confusion). 

The 9th Ave branch in Hell's Kitchen, considered by many to be the best of the bunch (I preferred the 2nd Ave branch myself) closed last year, suddenly.  According to that poster, the chef comes from that branch. 

This will really be great for Jersey City and for anyone who can't get to Chengdu 1 in Cedar Grove.  I dare say that Chengdu 1 will now have some very very stiff competition.  Grand Sichuan is no slouch of a restaurant, and their menus are enormous when compared to C1's.