The strangest thing I ate this week: boiled, and I mean BOILED, hot dogs
Dunkin Donuts: File under: WTF?

Top ten: idiotic posts recently read on the "big boards"

As much as I'm tempted to start a series of posts pointing out the most idiotic, self-serving, naval-gazingest, disingenuous posts on those big boards (you know which ones I mean), my self-imposed rule of keeping things positive and helpful, and talking about food rather than people (including me, as much as possible, although the nature of a blog makes that a challenge) keeps getting in the way.


I guess, though, if I were to post something like this, I really wouldn't be talking about people per se, but rather, their viewpoints.  And maybe if I just hide a link and you can guess which posts I find idiotic, self-serving, or disingenuous, I really wouldn't be breaking my own rules.

Now that I think about it, I don't have the kind of time necessary to keep up with such a series.