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Hunan Villa, Ridgewood: Closed - and other Ridgewood restaurant doins'

We noticed a sign outside of Hunan Villa which states that it has closed its doors.

Hunan Villa was a hidden pearl in the sandy sea of Ridgewood mediocrity.  If you looked closely enough at the menu and took time to speak with the owner, you could find some wonderful Hong Kong style dishes on the menu. Fresh fish over Chinese vegetables, tofu skin with pork and beans, fantastic noodle dishes, all excellent at Hunan Villa, which was nothing more than a storefront for take-out and delivery.   Hell they had the best Chinese ribs and fresh mustard in town!

This is certainly a big loss for Ridgewood's restaurant scene, an opinion punctuated with a horrible dinner from Dim Sum Dynasty last night (a restaurant that does much better with dim sum than with other dishes, and those that it does do well - fresh fish - don't travel well).

In other Ridgewood news, Natalie's is moving into the space where Broad Street Smokehouse once occupied, and is keeping its existing spot across the street for lighter fare.  Quite a popular place that Natalie's.  I hope the bright and airy vibe that they currently have translates in that new space.