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Stew Leonard's coming to: Paramus

I noticed a "coming soon" sign in an old furniture store on Route 17 North in Paramus.  "Stew Leonard's" "Stew Leonard's Wine and Spirits" followed the "coming soon" bit.

A Stew Leonard's (Stew's?) wine store opened in Clifton a few months ago, which I thought was a bit of a snoozer of a story.  We have plenty of wine stores already, no?  OK, so I'll give it a try before passing judgment.

My Westchester friends have been bragging about Stew Leonard's for some time.  Let's hope the Paramus store will have more than wine.  [Update:  It won't, it's just a wine store...see comments below for more confusion]

A two month break from posting and this is all I could come up with?   Pretty lame, but somewhat notable I think.