Five Guys Burgers: = round Wendy's?
Brisket: BBQ experiment

Rye whiskey: in northern New Jersey


Did you wake up this morning thinking "damn, I wish I knew of a place around Bergen/Passaic counties that stocked a bunch of rye whiskey."  No?  Well I sure did.

The only rye that I've been able to find 'round these parts has been Jim Beam.  It's a fine product, I'm sure, but I'm looking to branch out a bit.

A few hours later I found myself at Shoppers Vineyard in Clifton.   And holy moley.
They've got more rye than you'll know what to do with at 10.30 am.

I picked up a few. 

They have Old Overholt, which was the point of my expedition.  They have that Rittenhouse Bonded stuff with the extra 20 proof kick that I've read about.  And they have that obscenely priced designer stuff called (ri) raised to the first power, which everyone knows is just (ri), duh, and others will note that it's Jim Beam, which brings me full circle.  

They also have some Pappy Van Winkle, which was even more obscenly priced.   But tomorrow's another day.

Sazeracs, here I come!