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tommy:eats: googled some more

I've said it before and I'll say it again:  I'm amazed at the google searches that bring people to this little ol' New Jersey dining/food blog. 

On the off chance that you'll be amazed, or at least mildly entertained as well, I offer you, the searches (and some commentary):

  • Most likely to make me giggle like the immature twit that I am:  tommy fart liang
  • Most likely to have committed a moving violation, or plans on returning a late DVD rental:  how much is my fine in nj
  • Most likely to be a sick, violent so-and-so: skin tommy
  • Most likely to be from another planet:  international space station ridgewood, NJ
  • Most likely to have a broken spacebar:  masonjarmahwah nj
  • Most likely to get my attention:  hoboken nasty girl
  • Most likely to have had an unpleasant experience at the dentist: associates for dental care,hackensack,rude
  • Most likely to hate Ramsey: i hate ramsey
  • Most likely looking for bananas:  restaurants who has bunches in nj
  • Most likely to make sweeping generalizations about the eating habits of asians:  Why asians don't eat the crust on a pizza
  • Most likely from Denmark:  the lure y lore of the luger (from
  • Most likely lonely (two way tie):
  1. taff, or female, or sexy, or barmaid, or waitresses, or waitress, or girls crave in fairfield nj
  2. girls at crave restaurant in fairfield nj staff or female or sexy or barmaid or waitresses or waitress crave in fairfield
  • Most likely to be using dry-aged beef for a burger:  smelly cooking hamburger
  • Most likely to like the music I listened to in the early 90's:  pop will eat itself this is the day..this is the hour..this is this! blogspot
  • Most likely to not get any advice on this blog:  how to feel better after eating donut
  • Most likely to not know about google earth:  show me a close up of 30 ridge road,rumson,n.j.
  • Most likely looking for some local love:  fuck me in n.j.
  • Most likely to stump me:  Modus operandi meat bones pictures