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Pizza: at home

Jerry's Gourmet in Ridgewood: closed?

From the t:e rumor mill...some unsubstantiated stuff for your consumption...

t:e reader "Curlz" tells me that Jerry's Gourmet in Ridgewood is closed.  While we were there only 2 weeks ago, no one is answering the phone at this point.  A call to the Englewood store yielded the following info:  "We don't have nothing to do with the Ridgewood store.  Haven't for over a year."

Well you could knock me over with a feather.

On the bright side, I hear that Roberto, the original pizzaiolo at A Mano, is coming back for a short time to help them fix the mess they made of the pizza after his departure.  He'll also be opening a pizzeria/wine bar in NYC soon. 

With Roberto (balance, passion):

A_mano_pizza2 roberto

Without Roberto (and after the owners figured that it's best to "listen to our customers", as if their customers, who were complaining that there wasn't "enough toppings", know how to make pizza).

Amano post roberto