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Morton's Steakhouse: and their blog and silly claim

Morton's Steakhouse now has a "blog".  The blog is called "The Best Steak Anywhere", which is their (new?) registered trademark.

Really?  The best steak anywhere?  It kinda makes you wonder if they've ever been to Peter Luger, or Florence.  

I suppose they are guided by the same principle that so many are:  if you say it enough, well then it just has to be true.  They lie.  It's not.  How am I so sure?  

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Pepperidge Farm: Slider buns


See also this updated comparison of Pepperidge Farm and Martin's: click me.

Pepperidge Farm (until this very moment, I always thought the company name was something that sounds like "Petrich Farmz") will have you believe that they remembah, and they might very well remembah.  Who could challenge that statement.

Edit: I put these to the test with some real sliders.  Click me!

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Zen Den Bar and Grill: serving "prime choice" beef

I've complained about it before:  restaurants butchering language, in general ("grille", "pizza's", etc.), and worse than that, butchering language to the point where they are possibly misrepresenting the quality of their beef.  e.g., using words like "prime" to describe their steaks or burgers, steaks and burgers which are most likely not USDA Prime.  "Aged" is a good one, and near meaningless unless prefixed with "dry-" or "wet-", as well.

But Teaneck's Zen Den Bar and Grill ("Grill", thankfully, without the "e" at the end - EDIT:  although in other parts of the website, it does have an "e") puts a whole new twist on the butchering with their: "Prime choice Rib Eye".  

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Jersey Burgers: Ramsey, NJ [CLOSED]

Update (2014/10): Apparently Jersey Burgers has closed.

A reader of t:e, "Tentman", prodded me for months to try this small hamburger place in Ramsey called Jersey Burgers.   Of course, I was skeptical.  It took months before I made time to give it a whirl, but I'm glad I did.

Generally, I try to have some sort of story or something vaguely interesting to say before I post about a place that I like.  Blog posts consisting of nothing but pictures with captions like "we liked this" and "the best ever" bore me, and I'm sure they bore you as well.  But I've been sitting on this for long enough, and can't come up with anything, so...

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Do you: subscribe to the Bergen Record?


I don't, either.  Why is it, then, that every couple of weekends I wake up to a monstrous green-colored bag (green colored, not to be confused with green environmentally conscious), filled with 1 ounce of their newspaper and over 2 pounds of advertisements and circulars?  Surely the Bergen Record knows that I don't subscribe, since, well, I don't, and I've called them several times reminding them of this fact, and they don't seem to deliver their paper to me any other day of the week.  The reason to my mind is simple...

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Brick oven: Thermapen

Updated with results of cooking an actual pizza...


I've been wrestling with various approaches to getting high temps in my oven, which might approximate those of a wood-fired brick oven.  For Neapolitan-style pizza, obviously.

Some of the methods have been relatively successful, and I'll be sharing those with the class soon.


Yesterday's experiment didn't go so good, though.

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