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Do you: subscribe to the Bergen Record?


I don't, either.  Why is it, then, that every couple of weekends I wake up to a monstrous green-colored bag (green colored, not to be confused with green environmentally conscious), filled with 1 ounce of their newspaper and over 2 pounds of advertisements and circulars?  Surely the Bergen Record knows that I don't subscribe, since, well, I don't, and I've called them several times reminding them of this fact, and they don't seem to deliver their paper to me any other day of the week.  The reason to my mind is simple...

...the more lawns the Bergen Record litters with their newspaper, the higher their advertising rates go. The circulation of the newspaper is the barometer by which the Bergen Record bases how much it can charge its advertisers.  The more supposed "readers", the more the advertisers are willing to pay.

So essentially, the Bergen Record is cutting down trees, printing up newspapers and ads, having someone drive around to my house and throw the dead trees and plastic on my lawn, which then pretty much gets put into my recycling pile (except plastic bags, which we don't recycle in my town: they just go to a landfill), and then every other week, I haul that 4 pounds of adverts out to my curb, so another truck can drive around, pick it up, and hopefully get it recycled...all so the Bergen Record can make more money.

My take, as if you had to ask?  It's inappropriate (in fairness, I did read a couple of articles on the new stadiums that I wouldn't have otherwise, but still).

If you think so, and are subjected to this bag of dead trees, call the Bergen Record and tell them to stop sacrificing the environment and our time for their financial gain:

North Jersey Media Group (parent company of the Bergen Record, and 201 Magazine, which they're nice enough to slip into my mailbox rather than throw on my lawn, even though I don't want that, either):


Ask for the Publisher's office, or the circulation manager.  And don't let them bully you.