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Jersey Burgers: Ramsey, NJ [CLOSED]

Update (2014/10): Apparently Jersey Burgers has closed.

A reader of t:e, "Tentman", prodded me for months to try this small hamburger place in Ramsey called Jersey Burgers.   Of course, I was skeptical.  It took months before I made time to give it a whirl, but I'm glad I did.

Generally, I try to have some sort of story or something vaguely interesting to say before I post about a place that I like.  Blog posts consisting of nothing but pictures with captions like "we liked this" and "the best ever" bore me, and I'm sure they bore you as well.  But I've been sitting on this for long enough, and can't come up with anything, so...

The bottom line is that they make a really good roadfood style burger (think Napa's Taylor's Refresher, maybe even In-N-Out). I think they're beating Five Guys at their own game.  It's just a better product, and a more pleasant place to my mind.
The place has no seating, save for a couple of stools and a small counter.  Gotta love it.
Jersey Burgers : 112 East Main Street : Ramsey, NJ : 201.934.0002