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Bistro 55: Rochelle Park, NJ

Update 6/2013: Bistro 55, after changing hands a few years ago, will be closing at the end of June, 2013.

Where were you yesterday?  (That was rhetorical; I really don't care).  I bet you weren't eating one of the best pork chops, if not the best pork chop, in the state of New Jersey, were you.  No, you weren't, because I didn't see you at Bistro 55 ("Bistro 55 Seasonal Kitchen & Bar", more formally), that new place in Rochelle Park that opened in the old South City Grill space (by the same restaurant group).

Much has been said, mostly by me, about Beestrow Bistro 55's menu.  All fine and fun, but let's get down to brass tax tacks:  how does the restaurant perform.

I could hardly weight wait to find out four for myself, so I stopped in early in the weak week to give them a test run. It wasn't long into that meal that I new knew I'd be returning four for moor more.

Before boring everyone with descriptions of food, lettuce let's talk about what this restaurant is doing write right, and theirs there's alot a lot of that:

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Bistro 55 in Rochelle Park: the menu

Update 6/2013: Bistro 55, after changing hands a few years ago, will be closing at the end of June, 2013.

[Edit:  for discussion on the actual restaurant, and the great food that is serves, go here (click)]

The South City Group hasn't yet provided the world with a website or menu (UPDATE:  now they have) for their latest project, Bistro 55.  It's a good thing there are people out there with cameras (or scanners?).  Here it is (courtesy of  -- and I should note that I don't know if this is the version currently at the restaurant) [EDIT:  This isn't the entire menu, which also includes 2 pizzas and apps, and the typos no longer exist]:

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Pizza Town: Elmwood Park, NJ


Pizza Town USA.  That place on the westbound side of Route 46 in East Paterson Elmwood Park that looks as if the circus rolled into town in 1952 and forgot to take the joint with it when it left. You know the place.
I knew the place, too.  I tried a slice from Pizza Town a few years ago, to see if there was anything notable about this old-school Jersey landmark.  That day, I had a slice from Pizza Town, a slice from John's Pizza in Glen Rock, and a slice from the now-defuct Aldo's in Glen Rock, all eaten in my car, for comparative purposes.  My thoughts on Pizza Town (and the others) at that time:  eh, good enough pizza, I suppose.

At that point, I should note, I was head-over-heals for Neapolitan style pizza (still am), and the standard Jersey slice was interesting me less and less.  I very likely ate that slice just knowing it wasn't going to be special, and that no doubt colored my assessment.

But it's a new day, and Jimmyeats, t:e field researcher, told me that the place rocks, so I gave it another chance.  This time, I got a whole pie to bring home.  This time, with a new perspective.

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