Pizza Town: Elmwood Park, NJ
Mythos in Glen Rock: closed

Bistro 55 in Rochelle Park: the menu

Update 6/2013: Bistro 55, after changing hands a few years ago, will be closing at the end of June, 2013.

[Edit:  for discussion on the actual restaurant, and the great food that is serves, go here (click)]

The South City Group hasn't yet provided the world with a website or menu (UPDATE:  now they have) for their latest project, Bistro 55.  It's a good thing there are people out there with cameras (or scanners?).  Here it is (courtesy of  -- and I should note that I don't know if this is the version currently at the restaurant) [EDIT:  This isn't the entire menu, which also includes 2 pizzas and apps, and the typos no longer exist]:


The first thing I noticed about the menu is the fact that it contains typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors ("chefs", "Birkshire", "home made, pickles" -- and if I'm wrong on any of that, please let know).  Are they joking?  If they can't figure out how to print up a menu, after being in business for what has to be close to 20 years, with several restaurants, can they be relied upon to clean their keg lines and replace the toilet paper when needed?  Do they care at all?  


This reminds me of the fun we had with Zen Den Bar and Grill a while back.  Please point out the rest of the fuck ups if you'd be so kind.  I'm sure there are more.


The second thing I noticed, and the most important thing, is that they have a grass fed burger on the menu.  This burger, or at the very least *a* grass fed burger (toward the bottom of that post -- not nearly enough space was given to the grass fed burger at SCP), used to be on the South City Prime menu.  When they switched from that concept to Fire & Oak, they dropped the grass fed burger, much to my chagrin. I know, it's all very confusing.  But, it is sufficed to say, it's good to see it back.  If it's as good as it used to be, Bistro 55 will be my new burger place.


I'm looking forward to trying this place, if not just for a burger and beer at the bar (I see they have "microbrews" on tap -- I mean, "craft beers", which they're now being called.  I didn't get the memo).  With any luck, the pumped up meatheads that used to fill this place have moved on, not knowing what "grass fed" means. 


Bistro 55 : is on Route 17 South in Rochelle Park, where South City Grill used to be.