Bistro 55 in Rochelle Park: the menu
Bistro 55: Rochelle Park, NJ

Mythos in Glen Rock: closed



EDIT [09/29/2009]:  Jalapeno's will be re-opening in its old space.  Look for it some time in October 2009.

I'll bet it's easier for you to read sideways than it is for me to futz around and try to figure out how to turn this image.



As I drove past Glen Rock's Mythos today, a sinking feeling hit my stomach:  the sign was gone, the place was dark.  I took personal responsibility for this:  after all, I hadn't yet tried it, even though I heard it was good.  I wasn't there to support this local neighborhood restaurant.  And now it was gone.  

I do feel bad.  Maybe for me, that I'll never get a chance to experience it.  Certainly for the lost (or hopefully just "suspended") jobs, and lost money.

There's a rumor that it will reopen as Jalapeno's once again.  I would like that.  Jalapeno's (and yes, there was an apostrophe), was good little local spot.  And I do loves me some tequila, after all.  Either way, I'll be sure to try the next place within the first week.  I have a feeling I'll have something nice to say, too.