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Real Thai Cuisine: Rochelle Park, NJ (aka Ruby Siam)

UPDATE: 2012: The original owner has reopened the place.

UPDATE 5/2010:  The restaurant has unfortunately closed.  This is a loss for the area. 

Please support your local businesses.  


Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby
And do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya
Know what ya doing, doing to me?
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

The best Thai food in Ridgewood is in Rochelle Park.     

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Food drive: North Jersey, Sunday, October 4

I just saw this on the Second Helpings blog.  I'm not sure why I'm just seeing it now, but better late than never.

This Sunday, October 4, from 12-4, there will be a food drive throughout the north Jersey area.  Honestly it couldn't be easier to get food to a food bank, since you can just drop it off at your local supermarket while you're there picking up ingredients for larb or whathaveyou.

Click here for info on Action Against Hunger.  Click here to see where you can drop off food.

Give til it hurts, and then eat larb.