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Real Thai Cuisine: Rochelle Park, NJ (aka Ruby Siam)

UPDATE: 2012: The original owner has reopened the place.

UPDATE 5/2010:  The restaurant has unfortunately closed.  This is a loss for the area. 

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Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby
And do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya
Know what ya doing, doing to me?
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

The best Thai food in Ridgewood is in Rochelle Park.     

Ruby Siam, in Rochelle Park, opened a few years ago, closed, reopened as Siam Ruby, closed reopened again as Ruby Siam*, and then closed again, and now has reopened as "Real Thai Cuisine", according to the menu, although the signage still says "Ruby Siam".  

You could call it "Applebee's" for all I care, because the food is pretty damned good.

OK, so this is only based on one visit, but I have a good feeling.

Just a quick rundown of what we had:

Pad Thai - Very good, not sweet and gloppy.  The "bright" version of this dish, rather than the sweet version.  My preference.

Duck Salad - Very good, meaty duck, although I could have done with out the sweet pineapple.  I'm guessing it would have been more crispy had I eaten it at the restaurant. A better version of this dish I cannot recall.  

Chicken with basil - Again, very good, and not sweet.  Deep, rich flavor, lots of herbs and vegetables. Spicy enough.  It seems like they don't hold back.

Grilled beef steak, served with papaya salad and sticky rice - Had the beef been m/r instead of well-done, this dish might have rocked.  As it was, it was still very good.  Great flavor on the beef, slightly sweet.  The papaya salad had a spicy kick, and was excellent.  The sticky rice, perfumed with coconut milk, was awesome.

The menu reads like that of most Thai restaurants that I've been to all over the country, and even in Europe.  Surely there is other food served in Thailand outside of these standards.  I wish someone would open up a place that serves it.

At any rate, the place is clean, and the woman I dealt with was nice.  Seems like a family operation. And the prices? A fraction of the places in Ridgewood, and quite frankly the food seems to be better (not to mention the parking).  Ruby Siam Real Thai Food could turn out to be my new go-to Thai place.

Go get yourself some good Thai food.

Real Thai Cuisine (aka Ruby Siam, aka Siam Ruby) : 184 West Passaic St : Rochelle Park, NJ : 201.226.0031

* Give or take a Ruby or Siam