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Sliders: small burgers are better!

Who doesn't love a good slider.  Practically every bar and restaurant are serving sliders of some sort, and people gobble 'em up.  But you can make them at home, too.

I must admit, I love sliders as much as the next guy. Those tiny little nuggets of beef and onion, and a little tiny cute bit of bread.  So much fun.  So little.  A quick little mouthful of goodness.  What's not to like.

I made a pretty good slider today.  I decided to err on the side of small, because smaller is better with sliders, right?  Who doesn't like a plate of 4 sliders.  That's awesome.


Admittedly, I went a bit overboard on the onion, but the meat to bun ratio was perfect.  I could easily knocked back 5, 6, hell 7 hundred of these things.

Little stuff is awesome.  Sliders rock.  I want to see more sliders.  Everywhere.