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Best of Bergen Restaurants: 2010

201 Magazine recently published their yearly readers poll of the Best of Bergen 2010, online here (click).  It doesn't seem to be online yet, but I'll update this post once it is.

Since I haven't done a "best of" in a while, I figured I'd list their winners, and then provide the real (my) answers. 

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Cici's Pizza Buffet: commercial

I'm slack-jawed.  I just saw something on TV, and had to rewind it.  Twice.  To try to figure out why I wasn't getting the joke.  I came to find out that it wasn't a joke at all.   This is really a commercial for Cici's Pizza, a chain which specializes in a spongy, rubbery, doughy product, which I can only assume is supposed to be reminiscent of pizza.

They've managed to make unappetizing food seem even more unappealing than it already is.  This, is a masterpiece.

Assuming you actually want to eat something notable in New Jersey, check out New Jersey Monthly's recent article on pizza.  You can find it here (click).

Cablevision drops the Food Network

Update:  01/21/2010:  Phew.  It's back on:  click

Late in the day yesterday we noticed a ticker running across the bottom of a Food Network program.  We ignored it as we usually do.  Those tickers don't usually have info that I don't already have (a storm is coming?  really?).  But this piece of info was a surprise:  Cablevision would be dropping The Food Network at midnight.

Welp, so much for a Triple D marathon on a lazy New Year's day.

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