Bacon-wrapped filet: for the EXTREMELY busy
Ah' Pizz: Montclair, NJ

Notable bites: Masago Sushi, Bistro 55, Ridgewood Cheese Shop

What do these three places have in common? 

They all produced food that went into my face this week.  That's probably the extent of the commonality.

Just some notable bites to quickly share...

Masago Sushi, Ridgewood, is boasting a couple of specials:  30% off M-F, 1/2 price Sat/Sun (cash only). The sign at the restaurant also states "dine-in only", but we were able to get the discount for delivery.

Cheap sushi may as well be free if it's not good.  But we were largely pleased with our selection of rolls and dumplings.  For a mid-week quick sushi fix, this place is just perfect (and cheap).

Bistro 55, Rochelle Park, has changed up its menu a bit, taking off some of the heavier wintery dishes and preparations, and adding more springtime appropriate items.

The enormous, moist, double-cut pork chop (now served with house-made baked beans, sauteed spinach mustard greens and bacon jus) impressed once again.  The missus said that it could very well be the best pork chop that she's ever eaten.  And she's eaten at quite a few top restaurants...many more than me I'm chagrined to say.

In what I assume is an attempt to add some more familiar dishes to the menu, fried calamari makes an appearance.  A great rendition, with fried artichokes and red pepper, and house-made tartar and marinara sauces.

The Ridgewood Cheese Shop has moved its operation into Super Cellars on Broad Street.  When I heard about this move I figured there would just be a cheese counter in the store. In reality, they've expanded the store, somewhat magically to my mind (where did that big room come from?  was it behind the wall the whole time?), and installed a little marketplace and a fullish-service deli, featuring breads from Eli's bakery.  

I had a very serviceable turkey sandwich on multi-grain for $6.50 or so.  The practice of weighing cold cuts when constructing a sandwich is a bit annoying and amateurish, but the final product was quite good, well-balanced, and tasty.